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miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Buy my CU store 4

Hi to all!!

There is a Buy my store (CU) in my StoreYa. It's number 4 and contains all the packs you can see in this album
& 1 month in the Vip CU membership's group.

You can purchase it here:
You can get it here

After to pay please contact me to
and add me to your Facebook's friends
so I can add you to my Vip group for a month <3 font="">

With this purchase you will receive the "April Free with purchase" too <3 font="">

The low price will be available still for few days!

News in stores

 Hi everyone!
This packs are released in all my stores:

Exclusive for SnCo store:

Exclusive for TKO Scraps store:

Exclusive for Digi Graphics Designs store:


Hello everybody!

I'm preparing an awesome CU freebie ONLY for subscribers!!
Subscribe to receive my store's updates here:

In few days you will receive an email with the freebie 
Thanks so much for your support!!
(Subscribe button is on the bottom of the link's page)

jueves, 5 de abril de 2018

* News in stores *

 Hi everyone!
This packs are released in all my stores:


🛒🛒 Store where You can find my Products:
👉*** TKO Scraps
-. 50% OFF
-. BMS USD 30,00 (1 month Vip FREE included) until April 15th

👉*** Sellfy 
50% OFF 

👉*** DigiGraphicDesigns 
50% OFF 

👉*** Scraps & Co
50% OFF - Thursday Madness (great discounts each week)

👉*** PFD
UP 50% OFF (price displayed is already discounted)

FREE CU LICENSE IS REQUIRED TO USE MY CU PRODUCTS (PURCHASED OR FREEBIES) . Please download my TOU (Where the license is included or just contact me)
🆓 *** FREE With Your Purchase ***
With any amount of purchase in any of my stores you will get a FREEBIE (You can see the previews below)
You MUST to email to 
sending your payment receipt of April's purchase.

When I receive your first payment receipt I add you in the "Customers Forever List" to receive some free surprises !
👑VIP CU Membership - 
When you join you get 10 Welcome Vip packs (not in sale in stores) + the Vip pack of the week + Album of freebies (more than 20 packs) + Free samples of some store's exclusives packs.
And each month: all the CU (not exclusives) I will release in stores since your first day of subscription!!! + SURPRISES and the MONTHLY raffle, with a custom pack and more more prizes!!


🎞️ Build Your Own CU Bundle 

📣CU4CU Lifetime License

🎯 Here is the link to download my TOU before make any purchase (CU FREE LICENSE is inside the folder)

Access to my Fangroup for NEWs, ISO; freebies & new released in stores (It's NOT an AD group. ONLY for my products):

🕵️‍♀️Follow my blog:

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If you want to promote your scrapkits, CU, tubes or tags, just join my ad group here


sábado, 31 de marzo de 2018


Attention please!

From now you must to display this license if you're using my CU products (freebies or bought).
Please link the license back to my blog:

Here is the original format that you can resize as your needs.

* News in stores *

Hi everybody!This are the lastest  CU packs I've released in the stores